Hello Developers,

I am Avinash Shashikant Dalvi currently working as Software Engineer II at Eagleview, India. Working as full stack developer. My stack has been full stack since I started my journey. 2021 year was full of Covid year but for me there was lot of new things happen like

I am going to explain how to use the AWS Secrets manager in AWS Lambda under Node JS container. This blog can be helpful for general Javascript projects also.

Let me first explain about AWS Secrets manager :

AWS secrets manager is nothing but a locker where you can keep all secret values like important papers, jewellery ( all…

Today, I was doing some experiments on EC2 instances. While doing the experiment I faced one issue: launch failure. It is like launching template failed, to debug this and to know about what is this error, I went through AWS troubleshooting documentation, and in that document, it was mentioned about…

This blog explains how to monitor API gateway errors using SNS. This full-stack can be created using the CloudFormation template.

This blog explained about how to monitor API gateway error using SNS. This full stack can be created using CloudFormation template.

Hello Devs,

In my previous post last year I explained how to create an SNS notification for Lambda monitoring. …

Hello Developers,

Here I am going to explain about how to create a custom plugin in Mautic platform. Let me first introduce what Mautic is and why to use Mautic.

What is Mautic ?

Mautic is an open source software platform which is used to manage marketing automation such as…

Hello Devs,

I am going to explain about how to remove non ascii characters from input text or content. Let first get to know what non-ascii characters are.

What are non ascii characters ?

You might have faced an issue while copy pasting text from document ( docx ) to…

Hello Devs,

I am going to tell you one AWS SAM issue regarding resource AWS::Serverless::Api and transform AWS::Serverless-2016-10-31 raised over StackOverflow and their solution to tackle temporary basis because this issue still exist. Let me explain what is a problem first.

Problem statement :

Hello devs,

I am going to explain the issue and solutions while installing ddev, docker and docker-compose on Mac OS 10.12.6 or older versions.

For the past couple days I was supporting work on the Mautic open source project issue. But because of my older Mac OS I was not…

MySQL cheatsheet for search operation

In this blog I am going to explain three different problems while working with MySql data operation.

These three problems can help you to solve issues if came across same situation. …

Hello Devs,

I am going to explain about Nullish Coalescing (??) . Few days back while reading release details about Angular 12 I just got to know about this new word and how to write cleaner code in typescript. So, now Angular 12 view template is supporting Nullish Coalescing(??)


Avinash Dalvi

Enthusiastic learner, Full Stack Developer, Techno Savvy, Traveller, Out of Box thinker, Agile Lover, Problem Solver, Blogger

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