How to create custom plugin in Mautic

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Here I am going to explain about how to create a custom plugin in Mautic platform. Let me first introduce what Mautic is and why to use Mautic.

What is Mautic ?

Mautic is an open source software platform which is used to manage marketing automation such as lead generation, email marketing, automation of calls etc. If you are looking for a contribution to Mautic then here is link .

What is a custom plugin and why is it required ? ?

If you are already familiar with open source software like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla then you might know about the custom plugin concept and how it helps.

If you are new to this then, here is the answer for you.

Custom plugin is none other than extension of your core functionality of software which enables you to add extra features than existing one without overriding core files or core logic. A simpler way is Function Overriding in programming. If you have a parent class then you extend it as a child class and you can override the function of the parent class by using the same name and parameters. Exactly similar custom plugin work. Custom plugin is none other than a child class of core functionality or feature provided in code framework to extend functionality. Like shown in below image👇🏻 its getting added extension to switchboard.

How does it help ?

Let’s jump onto the actual topic about creation of custom plugins in Mautic.

Steps for creation of custom plugin:

namespace MauticPlugin\ExampleBundle;
use Mautic\PluginBundle\Bundle\PluginBundleBase;class ExampleBundle extends PluginBundleBase
<?php// plugins/ExampleBundle/Config/config.phpreturn array(
'name' => 'ExampleBundle',
'description' => 'Add here description of plugin',
'author' => 'Avinash Dalvi', // Change this to plugin author
'version' => '1.0.0', // Change this version to your appropriate version
'routes' => array(

Now we are done with the creation of a custom plugin.

What are use cases where can use custom plugin :

I hope this helped you in understanding how to create a custom plugin. If you have any Queries or Suggestions, feel free to reach out to me in the Comments Section below or my twitter handle @aviboy2006.

I have created one Mautic Plugin Creator. This is just bundle creation to avoid manual effort which is available on :

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