Why is security important in infrastructure as code ?

What Problem Does IaC Solve?

  • Cost of infra
  • Scalability and availability
  • Monitoring and performance visibility

What is an IaC?

Who are provider for IACs ?

  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Google Cloud Deployment Manager
  • Terraform

Keeping infrastructure as code is vulnerable ?

  • Secrets and stuff in CloudFormation
  • Push CF directly instead of going through Git and without versioning
  • Without validating directly push nested config
  • Learning Curve
  • Insecure default configurations-including nearly half of CloudFormation templates.
  • Other forms of misconfiguration include publicly accessible S3 buckets or unencrypted databases.

What steps can be taken to keep secure ?

  • Prevent Hard Coded Secrets From Permeating IaC
  • Reduce The Time And Impacts Of Code Leaks
  • Restrict Access to Environments
  • Prevent IaC Code Tampering
  • Avoid Complexity
  • Alert on Failures

Best practices to keep IAC as secure as possible and scalable.

  • Go native whenever possible
  • But consider multi-cloud
  • Also consider vendor lock-in
  • Terraform
  • Use an Immutable Infrastructure Approach
  • Use Version Control for IaC Files
  • IaC Compliance Regulation
  • Don’t Store Secrets in IaC Definitions
  • IaC can be used to update resources once they are already running. It’s a best practice to scan IaC files automatically and continuously, ensuring that validation occurs whenever an IaC definition is created or updated.

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